Wellbeing Coaching

Even though I had found a vocation I wanted to follow and trained as a Homeopath, I knew I was struggling whilst I juggled career, home and married life.

I remember when my marriage broke down it was so traumatic and distressing. I lost my marriage, my house and I lost myself in the whole experience. Following this period in my life, I  experienced ill-health that I couldn’t overcome.

I seemed to come down with recurring flu and I experienced overwhelming tiredness. As a natural health practitioner I knew something had to change fast.

Sadly my journey back to health took much longer than expected.

I felt I was doing everything possible to address my health, but I went through relapse, frustration, anxiety, and at one point I was so scared that I would never get my life back together again.

The turning point came when I had yet another relapse. I realised that I was still not listening to my body or prioritising myself.

Even though I had tried many different therapies,  I had still been pushing for my business to succeed, not addressing my underlying emotions and thought patterns and hoping things would get better.

In that moment I chose to invest in expert coaching support alongside Homeopathy and other complimentary health therapies. Immediately I noticed a huge difference in my health as I now had access to emotional support alongside the physical support. This holistic approach was what made the difference. I wish I had combined the two sooner and  not spent so long self abandoning.

Through this journey I’ve learned exactly what a woman needs to have her desires fulfilled and her wellbeing in peak condition.


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Introducing transformational Wellbeing Coaching in life and stress  management with Cheryl.



This support is for you:

  • If you find you are losing yourself in the process of helping everyone else.
  • If you are living with exhaustion and dissatisfaction regularly.
  •  If you have been sacrificing yourself and your wellbeing in order to please others.
  • If you desire to have it all in life but still don’t know how to say no.

It’s also perfect for you if:

  • You feel you are overworked yet can’t ask for your needs to be met.
  • You start and end your day exhausted.
  • You are dissatisfied and unfulfilled in some of the major areas of your life such marriage, other relationships or your career.

I have been able to transform my health and successfully built my life after the collapse of my marriage.

I now work within a lifestyle that suits me, which includes working for myself, setting my own schedule with the correct balance of work and play. 

I finally feel confident and empowered as an independent woman.


I’ve increased my wellbeing and energy by 100 per cent replacing self-abandonment with self-care.

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I work with clients all over the UK and Europe helping them create the same.

Here is my offer to you:

During the 6 week Wellbeing Coaching  Programme we will:

  • Identify and map out your true desires so that you can make effective decisions in your life and improve your health. You will walk away with a step by step plan to ensure you accomplish these goals and desires.
  • Identify the fastest route for you to have increased energy and motivation.
  • Identify a nutrition plan and health advice tailored to supporting you achieve your goals.
  • Identify and learn how to breakthrough any fear of change and any blocks that are keeping you in any unhealthy relationship dynamic.
  • Receive a holistic Wellbeing plan that will support you nutritionally, physically and emotionally to immediately feel better and easily make changes in your life.
  • Learn how to breakthrough guilt and finally start saying yes to yourself and no to anything that doesn’t inspire you.
  • Be supported in learning how to ask for your needs to be met inside and outside of your relationships.

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If you’re ready to stop self-abandoning and really want to learn how you can have a greater sense of wellbeing and feel truly satisfied in your life I invite you to experience  Wellbeing Coaching that will transform your life.

In this 6 week programme we start with 2 hour Intensive at a mutual arranged venue or via Skype to get you clear on intentions and desires for Wellbeing, career and health.

Followed by weekly one hour sessions across the 6 weeks.

To discover if this programme is right for you please email me on cheryledwardshomeopath@gmail.com  to arrange your complementary 30 minute Discovery Call.



Cheryl helped me look at every aspect of my life that was holding me back from reaching my full potential. She also challenged my deep-rooted belief system which was affecting my self–esteem. Together we set goals to reduce my stress load. Her guidance and mentoring were both profound and far-reaching.

SC Hampton


Alison from Ashford:

I had been suffering from chronic fatigue for a number of years. After various visits to the GP and no clear diagnosis, I decided to try an alternative type of treatment and that’s when I met Cheryl. It was such a relief to discover that it wasn’t ‘all in my mind’ and for someone to say ‘you’ll get better’   Cheryl helped me to understand more about my symptoms and the changes I would need to make. At times I wondered if I would get better but with patience and perseverance, it’s definitely paid off. I now have so much more energy it’s amazing. I would recommend Cheryl to anyone!


I look forward to hearing from you,

 with gratitude,






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