“I was put in touch with Cheryl a year ago when I joined the Chrysalis Effect Program. At that time I could only walk for 12-14 mins per day. Working with Cheryl and the C.E. Program has really helped me to progress.

Cheryl’s homeopathic remedies, plus her coaching have really helped me to improve. I can now walk for a total of 55 minutes per day. I am also more aware of my emotions and the effect that they have on my wellbeing.

I feel so much more positive about the future. I am very grateful to have Cheryl’s support and am looking forward to a full recovery from my M.E.”

Carolyn, St Helier, Jersey


“I’m writing to say a very big thank you, both freely and willingly, for helping me to deal with a very embarrassing problem.

I first came to you hoping for some treatment to get rid of about 12 ugly warts on my right hand. You enabled me to talk about some emotional problem that I had to do with grief, as my father had died some two and a half years ago and this had a profound effect on my home life.

I didn’t think the warts had anything to do with my emotions, but I am now warts free, due to your encouraging words, guidance and remedies I am both surprised and relieved that they are gone as I was embarrassed about them at work and socially.

After the success of the wart remedies I also brought  my daughter  (7 years old) to see you in the hope that you could help with her constant bed-wetting.

You gave me some brilliant guidance alongside some homeopathic remedies  on how we could bring down her anxiety levels, as she had recently started school and was nervous about this.

Her nervousness had become so bad that she was off sick with a nasty ear infection for a week and a half, which I now think was the direct outcome of this. The remedies again were given mid-way during the sickness and enabled to get over it quickly and completely.

I am deeply grateful for your help and encouragement in getting my family back into balance. I hope our warm relationship continues.”

SC, Hampton


“I was experiencing recurrent bouts of sinusitis which were being treated unsuccessfully with conventional medicine. I reached the point where my ENT consultant was suggesting surgery, and it was then that I decided to try homeopathy. Over the last year Cheryl has enabled me, through a process of both homeopathy and guided coaching, to explore patterns within my health and relationships and as a result of this I am experiencing fewer colds and have had no further sinusitis.

In addition, I am feeling more grounded and in greater control of my relationships. I imagine that there will be much more learning and change as the homeopathic process continues.

My experience has led me to explore the health and well being of my 2 young children through homeopathy. Already I am noticing a difference in their general wellness and their immunity to colds appears to have increased.”

Caroline, Esher, Surrey

“Cheryl has been helping me to manage my health and wellbeing now for nearly 10 years. I suffer from depression and whilst recovering from a major family bereavement, I was introduced to homeopathy which proved to be the catalyst for looking at a non-clinical way of managing my condition long term. I still have ups and downs but the combination of remedies and counseling that Cheryl offers has helped me cope over the years.”

Lynne, Richmond

“I have known Cheryl for over 10 years and she has helped my family on numerous occasions. She has successfully treated all 4 of my children through a range of different conditions including asthma, sleep problems, self esteem, sinusitis, a tendency to dangerously high temperature and skin disorders. In particular my older daughter had a very bad case of molluscum contagiosum. The GP said that there was nothing that could be done and that it would go away in a couple of years! After Cheryl’s treatment, the condition cleared up completely within ten days

Cheryl has also been a tremendous support to myself, helping me with bereavement, dealing with a miscarriage, recovery from an operation and most importantly helping me to conceive my youngest child.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Cheryl. Indeed I have already given her name to a number of my friends, who have also had great success with her.

I look forward to continuing our relationship for the next ten years!”

Ann, Esher Surrey

I had a kidney stone and had been given strong antibiotics. A week after this experience I still felt completely shattered. I decided to try out Cheryl’s homeopathic services – I always was a sceptic but to my surprise after 3 tiny pills I felt as if my body was fighting back and my energy levels were back to normal within 2 days! Thanks a lot to Cheryl for her brilliant service.

BS, Twickenham



“Thank you Elaine and Kelly! I want you to know how grateful I am for your support  through The Chrysalis Effect program.  I consider myself  very fortunate to have come across your website and shudder  to think where I would be now without your step-by-step guidance.    I love the fact that the weekly email is something that  can be relied upon during such an uncertain time. The course material is straight-forward to follow and apply, and  the many interviews of recoverers and other experts are incredibly  inspirational! Without a doubt, The Chrysalis Effect has fast-tracked  my recovery, as I was barely keeping my head above the water  until you helped me to gain a better understanding of not only the  illness, but myself.” Ellouise Hare
I think your programme is so great. To have a programme that you can follow step by step, is amazing. I have been everywhere, but this, is the only one that puts it all together.

Thank you for referring me to one of your practitioners”

“I can now focus on my recovery, knowing I am supported every step

of the way, I don’t know how to thank you” Liz


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