As one of the first fully trained Recovery Coaches for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia in the world Cheryl has an unique method of assisting those who suffer from these life altering conditions to regain their health and go on to lead full and active lives.

With little or no support from conventional medicine sufferers are confused and anxious and can be left to try to work out for themselves what is going on and where to go for help. Frequently they try one therapy or another desperate to find some way of getting better from the multitude of ailments that can present themselves. Cheryl leads a team of qualified practitioners to assist in every area of these complicated ailments and will guide you to any further treatment you may need at the appropriate time which is vitally important.

Cheryl’s unique approach gives you an instant ‘snapshot’ of where you are, what needs to addressed and in what order. She will take the guess-work out of your recovery and formulate a treatment plan which will help you to get your life back. You will learn which of the 6 Phases of Recovery you are in and how to progress through to be fully recovered.

Recovery is usually not a word used in connection with these conditions. Patients are told to go away and live with it or pace themselves with no idea on how to ‘live’ with such a restricting condition or what ‘pacing’ really means.

Working alongside a specially designed online programme she will support you to understand what is going on in your body and what can be done to strengthen it and minimise any further deterioration.

Cheryl has recovered from chronic fatigue herself so she knows it can be done and will impart her knowledge with you so you too can get your life back.

For your FREE half hour Health Review; FREE E-book and one month’s FREE access to the online programme please call Cheryl on 020 87831609 or email :

Due to the nature of these conditions Cheryl is happy to make house calls or consult via Skype.

If you suspect you have one of these conditions but haven’t been to the doctors please go for a full blood to check Thyroid levels, Viamin D and Vitamin B12 levels.



  1. Joanne says:

    I have been dignosed with chronic fatgiue by my consultant and having been handed a prescrtion for amandertine and told see you in 3 lmonths I have found the chyslist programme.

    Do you have any smoothie, soup or foods that are good to help recovery? Any supplements


    • Hi Joanne,

      I am so sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue but you have come to the right place for assistance in overcoming this condition. I will email you a complimentary Health Review which I will go over with you when you send it back to asses where you are and how the Chrysalis Effect Programme can help you. Meanwhile eat a good amount of protein and green leafy vegetables avoiding sugary drinks and foods. Smoothies can be made with spinach and kale with added fruit to that and some nuts and seeds. Home made soups are very good also as you don’t have any unwanted additions to them to thicken them up and such like. We can discuss all of this when we speak and I can advise you on supplements as well as that has to be tailored to your requirements. Hope this helps for now.
      warm regards

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