Homeopathy First Aid


Homeopathy can be used safely in the home in many first aid situations. Below are some of the more frequently used remedies in these situations.

Falls, Bruises and shocks:

Arnica administered after a fall or for a bruise say from a football injury is miraculous in its ability to heal the bruise and allow the body to realign itself after the shock.

Crushed Fingers:

Arnica given straight away for the shock is imperative followed by Hypericum to soothe the nerve endings in the fingers. This can be repeated twice a day for a day or two depending on the severity of the pain.

Onset of flu:

Aconite taken at the first sign of colds and shivery flu’s can bring instant relief and abate the flu taking hold.

Fevers and flu generally:

Aconite: Sudden hot temperature, hot, dry burning heat, anxious and very fearful. Often starts in evening or midnight.

Belladonna: Sudden high temperature, often with cold extremities. Delirium, restlessness and ill tempered. Can start in early hours of morning. Great thirst.

Gelsemium: more gradual onset with aching limbs and listlessness. Wants to lie down, heavy eyelids, temperature, less thirsty.

Arsenicum Album: Burning heat with chills. Can feel cold internally. Desires hot drinks though burning hot, large quantities or frequent sips.

Often fever accompanies stomach upset with diarrhoea.


Chamomilla: The first remedy to think of when babies are teething when they are fractious, constantly crying, want to be carried, demand everything but nothing pleases them. Often has green diarrhoea that smells like rotten eggs.



BELLADONNA Sudden onset, the face is bright red and dry skin That’s radiating heat.

Can have throbbing headache and feels better from lying down.

CANTHARIS: Can be used before any blisters form and after they have formed. Has burning pains, restlessness, and they are very thirsty. Symptoms are often accompanied by the urge to urinate.

Glonoinum: Face is hot and flushed and skin is sweaty. Feels worse when walking and is better for cold applications.


BELLADONNA: Sudden rush of blood to the head. Feels dizzy breathless, nauseous, and restless. There is a sudden rise of temperature.

GLONOINUM: Has waves of throbbing, bursting headaches. Feels worse for heat and better for cold applications.

ACONITE: Comes on from falling asleep in the sun. Is sudden, with high temperature and burning head. Has a great restlessness accompanied by dizziness and nausea.


If there is any difficulty with breathing get MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY.


Remove the sting if possible with tweezers. Apply ice or cold dressing.

APIS: Bright red and swollen around the bite, with burning, itching, stinging sensation. Prefers cold applications to the area and feels worse from hot applications.

ARNICA: The area of the bite feels bruised and is painful to touch.

URTICA URENS: Stinging nettle type rash forms around the area of the bite which burns and itches. Urtica Urens cream can be used as well as the tincture.

LEDUM: Severe reaction to bites. Feels better for cold applications and worse for hot applications.


The bite can be cleaned with lemon juice or vinegar.

ARNICA: Location of sting is painful to touch and feels bruised.

LEDUM: Strong reaction to the bite. Wants a cold compress and feels worse for anything hot.


CALENDULA: Use the cream or tincture or Hypercal cream which is a mixture of Hypericum and Calendula.

LEDUM: For severe reactions to bites and prefers a cold compress to the site.


For travel by car, boat or plane.

COCCULUS: Has nausea and vomiting and can’t bear the thought of food. Can feel dizzy and is unsteady when walking. Desires to lie down especially to prevent vomiting.

NUX VOMICA: Has nausea often with a headache at back of head or forehead. Rejects food and can feel bloated. Wants to vomit but cannot, so retches a lot. Feels better lying down.

PETROLEUM: Pressing pain at back of head with dizziness that’s worse in fresh air and nausea from getting up from lying down or sitting.

TABACUM: Violent nausea which is worse when travelling by boat and feels better in fresh air but worse in a stuffy room and moving around. Violent vomiting symptoms are mainly when travelling by car or train but are still possible when travelling by boat.

For more information please contact: Cheryl Edwards 020 8241 2957


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