Flower Essences

AusBush1Flower Essences are used to address both emotional and physical symptoms. Emotional negative belief patterns can be held subconsciously within us, causing difficulties in our lives and are often the underlying cause for many physical illnesses.

Flower essences can address these negative patterns, acting as a catalyst to help resolve these states and allowing our more positive qualities to develop.

The Flower Essences used are derived from Australia where they were discovered and have since been extensively researched on their healing powers. A full emotional and physical history is taken in a relaxing environment before the essences are individually selected for their therapeutic properties.

The Essences are safe, non toxic and have no side effects making them particularly suitable for treating children. For example they can be helpful to build up a child’s confidence when they are experiencing difficulties at school. A useful method of selecting the correct essence for children is to show them the colourful Essence cards. The child can often choose the essences they need by being drawn to particular cards.

Some conditions the Essences are used for include depression, anxiety, infertility, eczema and digestive complaints.

Several essences can be combined together to produce your own individual treatment and are usually simply taken twice a day for two weeks, assessing the results at the next consultation.

Ready made combination essences are available for more general situations such as:

Ausbush4> Cognis Essence to help concentration when work or exam schedules demand it.

> Emergency Essence to help rebalance the body after shock, accidents, upsetting news, and general stress.

> Calm and Clear Essence for general stress.

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