Frequently Asked Questions

What is the homeopathic consultation like?
The first appointment lasts for one and a half hours during which Cheryl takes a detailed history of your condition in a relaxed environment. How and when it first started, the circumstances it started in, how you felt at the time and immediately afterwards is noted. The consultation then goes on to find out about you are generally, what sort of person you are, your likes and dislikes, how you approach life, what sort of things upset you, makes you feel emotional, how you react to stress and circumstances in your life. A full medical history and your general physical details are also included.

All of this helps to build up a picture of you and what you are like. Homeopathy is extremely individualised and the remedies are then matched to your individual needs.

The consultation is strictly confidential.

Advice is given to you about the treatment and when you will need to be seen again. Cheryl is available to talk to by phone or email about any concerns you may have during your treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact her as she is there to support you throughout your consultations.

How do I take the remedies?
These are dispensed with instructions on how to take them as each person may require different frequencies and repetition.

Generally the remedies should not be handled, only taking one out at a time and placing it in the mouth to dissolve slowly under the tongue. They should not be swallowed with water as when one takes allopathic medicines.

It is best to leave at least 20 minutes before/after eating or drinking anything except for unflavoured water. This is because the remedies, being energy medicines, can easily be tainted by strong flavours and smells. The dissolved remedy can then be absorbed into the body immediately without fear of it being negated.

The remedies should not be stored near strong smells such as spices or perfume.

What are Remedies?
The remedies are small sucrose tablets that have been medicated by the potent Homeopathic substances that are derived from plant, mineral or animal kingdoms. The substances are diluted down and succussed (shaken). They can be diluted to different strengths and are often marked 6c or 30c on the bottle as you might have noticed on the shelf of your health food shop or pharmacy. The strengths prescribed by the Homeopath can be much higher than this. There are over 4000 remedies, all with different aspects to them which are matched as closely as possible to your condition.

What can I expect? 
After taking the remedy you may experience a slight worsening of your symptoms, such as a discharge or a rash. This is a good sign as it indicates that the remedy is a good match and is assisting the body to heal itself. This is usually followed by an increase of energy or mental clarity.

General advice:
It is preferable to cut down on your caffeine intake and the use of peppermint (e.g. chewing gum) during your treatment. Ordinary toothpaste can be used, just make sure to leave 20 minutes after brushing your teeth. (See news and views). If you have any concerns about this please do talk to Cheryl about them and she will be glad to advise you.

What happens next?
You are asked to come back for follow up consultation 2-4 weeks later depending on what the condition is. Children’s fevers can be monitored over the phone for example or if there has been a bereavement you might asked to come back sooner to assess how you are coping. Remember each client is treated individually.

Can I use Homeopathy alongside conventional medicines?
Homeopathy can be used safely alongside medication prescribed by your doctor or consultant. I encourage clients to discuss their Homeopathic treatment with their doctor and do not advise withdrawing any medication without the acknowledgement of their doctor. This can only be done when there has been sufficient improvement of the condition and with prior consent of the doctor. I will discuss this with you fully in your consultation.


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