Cheryl is the founder of The Nightingale Clinic some 15 years ago where she practices Homeopathy, Recovery Coaching for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia, Wellbeing Coaching, Indian Head Massage and Australian Bush Flower Essences.

As an experienced Homeopath Cheryl has assisted clients of all age groups to regain their health. Using Homeopathy as a tool to achieve the optimum health you want to have, alongside other therapeutics if necessary, she will work with you to understand your health issues and what can be done to relieve them. With a keen interest in Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle she will guide you towards making healthier choices to bring you to a place of optimum health.

Cheryl is one of the worlds first fully trained Recovery Coach’s in ME,CFS and Fibromyalgia. She is able to identify exactly where you are in the course of these conditions and work with you with a tailor-made program to help you regain your health and energy. Often these are misunderstood ailments with little or no help offered for recovery but having had CFS herself Cheryl knows it is possible to overcome this condition and lead a full and active lifestyle.

As a transformational Wellbeing Coach she will work with you to set attainable goals of what you want to reach around your general health, lifestyle and life purpose. We look at stresses in your life that are affecting your ability to live your life to the full are examined and eliminated. With unique tools she can help you reach the life you dream of.

With a keen interest in healthy eating and nutrition Cheryl will help you to make any alterations to the way you eat that are not resulting in energising and invigorating you anymore.

Indian Head Massage is an unique tool to help de-stress instantly any tension, headaches or neck and shoulder pains. Cheryl loves to hear her clients positive responses after a treatment.

Trained in Australian Bush Flowers Essences and with knowledge of the other Essences available Cheryl finds them effective methods of support to her clients.