Spring has sprung again

Today is the first day of Spring and as we move forward in this new year we can once more rejoice in the beautiful colours that are bursting out in our gardens, in the parks, in nature, filling us up with that wonderful sense of well-being and  that all is well in the world.

This wonderful spring energy brings with it the full force of that huge creative vigor that blossoms and bursts into all those beautiful colours and buds that then transforms into a more gentle unfolding of the newness of the leaves and even more buds of that second growth of colourful display as spring continues into summer.

Does all this newness fill you up? Do wonderful feelings of well-being and renewed energy put a skip in your step and lightness in your heart as we move away once more from those grey short days?

How will you embrace spring into your life? Can you get out into the fresh air more often? Can you walk some of the way into work or at lunch time so as not to miss the beauty unfolding around you? Fill yourself up with these delights and see if it helps you to feel better.

And do let us know how you embrace spring? What’s your favourite experience of spring? I love to go for a walk in the park by myself and notice all the colours and the daffodils as they nod and bend in the breeze. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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About cheryledwardshomeopath

As a Homeopath/Holistic Therapist with over 15years experience I have seen numerous clients with various ailments who have benefited from the range of therapies I use which include Homeopathy, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Indian Head Massage and nutritional advice. As a specialist Recovery Coach for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia I work to assist those suffering from these ailments reclaim their health, strength and energy in order to live a full and active life. I also coach individuals who feel they are not living the life they envisaged to reach their full potential and realize their dreams.
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