Kindness needs no rewards

No one is really just being kind in order to elicit compliments are they? An act of kindness generally comes from a desire to help or uplift someone not for thanks or a reward. I spoke about this last year and how random acts of kindness not only can bring a ray of sunshine or hope to somebody but also your sense of well-being increases. It’s not to be altruistic, it is just to sow some seeds of goodness without having to see the result of the crop as it were.

It turns out there is a lovely lady called Primrose Panglea who started ‘The Kindness Campaign” some years ago to do something kind for everybody and she and her daughter often put up post it notes saying something uplifting, or offer suggestions such as letting someone in front of you in the queue at the checkout. It is easier we know to be kind to those who are nearest to us but how far are we willing to reach out to strangers and without having to receive thanks. People have been known to pay for the coffee for the person in front of them.

You could just start to realise that you are nice after all and can be nice to strangers and that realisation does help you feel better about yourself and gives your self-esteem and sense of well-being a well-deserved boost.

So what random acts of kindness can you think of to do without the need for recognition?

I will be thinking about this today to see what I can come up with to do either online or in person and as I wrote that I realised that I did reach out to a friend on Facebook this morning with an act of kindness.  She had her phone snatched from her and was asking if anyone had a spare one lying around, which I had and offered it to her.

Please do share what acts of kindness have you done and how you felt afterwards. Spreading good feelings and kindness helps us all to experience a better way of living


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