Work, Rest and Play Re-visited

I started my blog a year ago about Work, Rest and Play balance as the first piece on how to bring more Wellbeing into your life. Just over a year later brand new research has just taken place on how much rest we get in our lives. 2/3rds of people who took part in the research admitted they felt they don’t get enough rest. Others felt guilty if they took time out to rest (I would hazard a guess here that that is mainly women). Many said they rested in front of the TV.

To me, it sounds like a very accurate reflection of how we live our lives these days and not getting enough to rest is very detrimental to your Wellbeing. We all like to chill out in front of the TV but if that’s the only way you chose to rest then that’s not altogether a good thing. Stimulation from fast paced dramas actually activates the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline for the fight/ flight response. As this won’t get used up because you are not going into battle or fleeing away, the adrenaline will stay in your body causing it to become more toxic. Add this to the adrenaline that you have more than likely running on for most of the day and you are flooding your body with cortisol which is definitely not good for your well-being.


Some people questioned randomly said that doing marathons were their chosen form of rest. Whilst certainly something to be applauded, it is not complete rest as the body does need that quiet time to recuperate and recover. So that persons ‘rest’ time will be when they sit down to recover from the tiredness of their muscles.

Rest is needed in addition to a good night’s sleep. Unwinding after work (preferably without the use of daily alcohol) spending time with loved ones, reading, listening to music, going for a walk, the list is endless and are all great forms of rest. If you dive straight into bed without any rest you may find you can’t switch of your mind or your body just feels too strained for the muscles to relax straight away and sleep will either be very disturbed or take some time to kick in.


As the research notes how rest or a sense of it affects our lives in so many ways it might be prudent to try out different types of rest and see which ones suit you and brings you a better sense of wellbeing.

What do you do to get enough rest in your life? Where can you bring longer rest periods into your day and really get some down time? Do let us know your ideas, everyone is different.

Maybe take yourself along to the exhibition of the results at Mile End studios. There looks like there might be a lot to learn from it and maybe a place to unwind and rest?

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As a Homeopath/Holistic Therapist with over 15years experience I have seen numerous clients with various ailments who have benefited from the range of therapies I use which include Homeopathy, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Indian Head Massage and nutritional advice. As a specialist Recovery Coach for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia I work to assist those suffering from these ailments reclaim their health, strength and energy in order to live a full and active life. I also coach individuals who feel they are not living the life they envisaged to reach their full potential and realize their dreams.
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