Please can I have some more?

‘If I can’t be grateful for what I have now what makes me think I’ll be grateful if I have more.’ Unknown

Let’s face it we all yearn for more don’t we? More money, a better job perhaps, do more or be more. But as the quote says if you don’t appreciate what you have now, even if that isn’t much in the area you feel you are lacking, how would you appreciate the new things ‘ of more’ that you want to have?

If we can be more aware of all the good things we already have in life we become less focused on the things we feel are lacking

If we are always trying to get more have more or be more we are not enjoying our lives in the here and now. Striving becomes the buzzword and we can exhaust ourselves doing just that, getting stressed and overwhelmed.


Learning to let go of the striving to be or have something we think is missing in our lives it’s not done easily as we have to unlearn negative patterns of behaviour and thinking. However it can be done by following some of the ideas that I have mentioned previously. Focusing on the breath which brings your body and mind into more balance also allows you to remain more in the present than in striving for the future. Learning to accept things as they are and being grateful for things removes a lot of the pressure that is often self-inflicted.

Last week I referred to becoming aware of what you are feeling at any given moment and when you do this you are practicing self-awareness. You can ask yourself why do I want this or that thing? What satisfaction will I get from having that, will it really make me happy or is my happiness something I have to create from within? In other words will having ‘more’ bring me the happiness I am looking for?


This is not to say that it’s wrong to have desires for the betterment of our lives, it’s the way we can hang onto to that as being the Holy Grail, that it would wave a magic wand and everything is now all as we wish. It often doesn’t work out like that. It’s more about having the desire but knowing you are just fine as you are and allowing it to come to you in good time. This is the law of attraction in operation. Striving for something won’t allow you to attract it into your life. Finding gratitude for where you are is a softer approach and it’s not as exhausting as striving. By letting go of striving to succeed you might actually reach what it is you were trying to get in the first place.

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Let us know where you have experienced this. What did you let go of or find gratitude in and did you then find so many other things came to you? We always love to hear from you.


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