Little Acts of Kindness


Did you hear the story last week about the supermarket assistant who calmed down a blind, autistic child when things got difficult? Her mother publicly thanked her for her act of kindness as it helped her cope so much better.

It got me thinking how much nicer this world would be if we all did little acts of kindness from time to time. What would have happened if the supermarket assistant just rolled hers eyes at a child throwing a tantrum, not realising she was autistic? Nothing. Exactly that! The mother would have had to have managed somehow, then taken her daughter home and it would have been just another day she had to survive.

Instead a little act of kindness cheered her up so much that she wrote about it on Facebook. She was happier, the little girl was happier and she returned the act of kindness and made the shop assistant happier. Their feelings of well-being increased no end. Win-win situation.

What could you do as a little act of kindness? Recently I took a bunch of daffodils to a housebound elderly neighbour. It cheered her up and I felt better from doing it, not because I want to be a goody goody but because I had been thinking about how we can improve our feelings of well-being and the idea popped into my head.

When we do something outside of the norm we can change our feelings of well-being, uplift someone else and more than likely create a knock on effect of well-being.

Let us know of any random acts of kindness you have done or that have been done for you that you remember fondly and uplifted your feelings of well-being.



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