Today is a Gift that is why it’s called the Present

When we feel gratitude for the tiniest little thing in our experience of our day we are honouring the fact that we are alive.

Now you might say that of course I know I’m alive I’m reading this aren’t I? But there is a difference between going about your day, often doing things by rote, and going about your day really being aware of what is happening and being grateful for it.

More and more we live fast pace lives where the days run in to each other and the week is gone by before we know it. We often feel our lives are running out of control as there is so much to do or try to fit in.

When we learn to celebrate our life each day we can begin to slow down that rushing around feeling.  With that we bring in more space and a sense of well-being.


What can you do to bring in more space and a sense of well-being? Maybe really notice the beautiful colours of spring around us or the children’s happy faces as they rush around playing. How about smiling at someone on the bus or tube? Don’t forget your gratitude list.  If you are struggling to find something to be grateful for, just be grateful that you’re alive and breathing. Remember even those things that are happening, that are weighing you down are often blessings in disguise.


What do you find helps you to be in the present? Are there things you do that give you your sense of well-being? Would you like to share them with us? It may help someone else as they try it out.

And don’t forget to give yourself a big hug to thank yourself for being in the present moment.


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About cheryledwardshomeopath

As a Homeopath/Holistic Therapist with over 15years experience I have seen numerous clients with various ailments who have benefited from the range of therapies I use which include Homeopathy, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Indian Head Massage and nutritional advice. As a specialist Recovery Coach for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia I work to assist those suffering from these ailments reclaim their health, strength and energy in order to live a full and active life. I also coach individuals who feel they are not living the life they envisaged to reach their full potential and realize their dreams.
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