Go to sleep!

We all probably remember those words from our childhood and if we have children will probably have said it many times to them!

There’s a lot of differing opinions on how much sleep one should get and I read an article recently which gave supportive evidence to have two blocks of sleep at night with an intervening period of light activity. So there is no “one size fits all” but you have to go according to what your body requires.  This may change often throughout your life depending on your lifestyle, your circumstances and your job.

What is important is to have a deep and relaxing sleep without the use of any medication to bring this about.


Getting a good night’s sleep and being able to wake up refreshed and revived the next morning is vital to your feelings of well-being. We all know what it’s like when you haven’t slept and you have to get up the next morning to do whatever it is you are doing. “Walking through treacle” is a familiar expression used. Are you giving the quality of sleep the attention it deserves? 

In our day and age we need to make sure that computer and mobile phone activity is ceased at least one hour before bed. Browsing Facebook or checking emails as you lie in bed is not conducive to falling into a deep sleep. This also goes for watching dramatic and adrenaline fuelled programs on television.

Instead you can try to prepare the body and the mind for sleep by doing a number of small things such as taking a lovely hot bath, lavender is really good for falling asleep. Or have a cup of chamomile tea near bedtime. Try setting the bedroom temperature so it’s not too hot, play some soothing music when you are getting ready for bed, burn some lavender oil or light a soothing candle, (don’t forget to blow it out when you switch the light off!). Getting into bed and reading a book is a lovely way to end the day, though if you do read in bed avoid thrillers and such like which again can cause an adrenaline rush, making it hard to fall asleep..


What else could you do to unwind before you go to sleep? See what works for you. Try out a few new routines and see if that helps you get a better night’s sleep. How do you feel in the morning when you wake up? However long you sleep it’s the quality of it that’s important for your health and well-being.



About cheryledwardshomeopath

As a Homeopath/Holistic Therapist with over 15years experience I have seen numerous clients with various ailments who have benefited from the range of therapies I use which include Homeopathy, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Indian Head Massage and nutritional advice. As a specialist Recovery Coach for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia I work to assist those suffering from these ailments reclaim their health, strength and energy in order to live a full and active life. I also coach individuals who feel they are not living the life they envisaged to reach their full potential and realize their dreams.
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