Welcome to Words of Wellbeing


Thank you so much to those of you who recently completed my Health Survey.

It’s evident that so many of you want to have a better sense of wellbeing in your
lives and as a Wellbeing Coach specialising in Life and Stress Management, I
am delighted to be up and running to support those who prioritise wellbeing
and would like to receive weekly inspiration on how to do this. It will be
perfect for you if you desire inner peace, inner strength, a calmer mind and
therefore more health, energy and a balanced life. To access these weekly
emails just click HERE  to join my mailing list.

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To kick it all off let me leave you with my very first Words of Wellbeing:

“Health is merely an absence of evidence of disease or abnormality.

Wellness is the fullest realisation of physical and mental potential,
attitude, fitness, diet, and avoidance of unhealthy practices.”

( Stedman’s Medical Dictionary)

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With that I wish you the Wellbeing you so deserve.

With Gratitude,


Want to have wellbeing in your life and interested in engaging in Wellbeing
Coaching with Cheryl?

Please visit https://nightingaleclinichampton.co.uk/transformational-coaching-intensives/ for further information


About cheryledwardshomeopath

As a Homeopath/Holistic Therapist with over 15years experience I have seen numerous clients with various ailments who have benefited from the range of therapies I use which include Homeopathy, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Indian Head Massage and nutritional advice. As a specialist Recovery Coach for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia I work to assist those suffering from these ailments reclaim their health, strength and energy in order to live a full and active life. I also coach individuals who feel they are not living the life they envisaged to reach their full potential and realize their dreams.
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